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Well, it’s official (although I guess it has been for a few weeks now) – I am now the proud, er, renter of my very own apartment.

I’ve been hesitant to post these pictures for fear that my apartment will look “unfinished,” but then I realized that it will likely look unfinished for months. (Money doesn’t grow on trees, after all.) I’m just starting to understand what a time consuming process furnishing an entire apartment – on your own – is like.

But I’ll get there eventually! This blog will start to document my ventures into being (mildly) domestic – a collection of images and text on all things home, design, decor, DIY projects, and cooking. Friends won’t believe me, but I’m serious – I’m really cooking now! I’m trying to do it all on a budget while making this place a home I can live in for a few years, which means making it comfortable, stylish, and hopefully something that looks and feels like me.

So onward to the photos… this is my place in it’s current condition, as I await my couch and some other necessities. Stay tuned for a DIY kitchen shelf adventure (which is dependent on actually getting to Home Depot) and my attempts to refinish the inside of an old trunk…


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