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Adventures in beer making

So, it’s been a little while… work’s been busy, and I’ve been busy cooking up a storm (among other things). But the biggest adventure of late was what the boy and I spent Saturday doing: making beer!

We used the Everyday IPA kit from Brooklyn Brew Shop. We found it at Williams & Sonoma on sale, and this was the kit we wanted – it comes with almost everything you need to make beer, including the recipe and the grains/hops. We did need to get some extra pots and pans (and a strainer that turned out to be too small), but pretty soon we were making beer!

We started by boiling/cooking the grain.

And then we had to let boiling water strain over the grain to make the wort.

Eventually we added hops to the final wort mixture, adding them at 15 minute intervals.

Once the wort was done boiling, we had to cool it down enough to put it in the jug (apparently called a “carboy,” for those interested in the correct terminology) with the yeast, to let it sit and ferment for two weeks.

For anyone looking to start brewing at home, it is a LONG process. In all, it took us about 4-5 hours to boil the grain, make the wort, mash in/out, [insert beer making terminology here], etc. We ended up with not enough wort to fill the gallon, so we added some water, per the directions, to get us to the full gallon.

And now it sits! It’s currently “resting” in the boy’s garage, bubbling and fermenting and waiting to be bottled in about two weeks. For the bottling, we did need to get a capper, and the boy has been saving beer bottles for months now in anticipation of this first-ever beer making process.

After bottling, it’ll be two more weeks until we can actually taste it. We’re hoping it does turn out to taste like an IPA – but until then, we wait!


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