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Citrus + shrimp summer salad

One of my favorite food blogs of all time is Iowa Girl Eats. I can’t remember where I discovered this blog, or when, but it’s my go-to when I want something easy to make and is for the most part, healthy. And when you post that many buffalo chicken recipes without breaking the calorie bank, I’m sold.

So when I was digging through my kitchen leftovers and realized I had some quinoa and shrimp to get rid of, I used this superfood salad recipe from Iowa Girl Eats.

And oh. my. goodness. This basically combines all of my favorite things (seafood, avocado, and pomegranate) into one bursting-with-flavor salad that's full of crunch and texture and citrus. A whole lot of amazing in one huge bowl that will make a million servings. (Okay, maybe just six.)

If you made this for your next cookout, I bet you'd be everyone's favorite person for the rest of the summer.

*If you're following the recipe as linked above, I would recommend using a bit less cilantro if that’s not your thing – the amount called for makes it very strong!*


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