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Let the fruits & veggies detox begin

So I went on vacation for week… and after many days of wine, beer, carbs, and french fries, I can’t even look at junk food.

Well, that’s probably a lie, because I really love junk food and carbs, but I mean I really couldn’t wait to get to the grocery store today.

My body has been craving fruits and veggies like nobody’s business, so this week I am attempting my own DIY-poor-woman’s cleanse. I got the idea from Glamour, which suggests eating only raw fruits and veggies for an entire day as an alternative to an actual juice cleanse. I mean, it’s basically the same thing, am I right?

Enter, my incredibly delicious haul from Trader Joe’s! I could in all honesty spend hours in the grocery store. I’m such a food nerd. I stocked up on some sunflower seeds (in case I absolutely need a crunchy snack), couscous (for the pantry), and cheese (because um, I just can’t resist that) but the rest is all greens and fruit. Oh, and yogurt for breakfast, because whatever – a good breakfast is too important to skip!

And the figs! Oh holy moly I am so excited about figs. It’s about time I grabbed some before the season is over. Hopefully, after this week, I will even get the chance to make this gorgonzola crumble (with fresh figs, of course) that I have been positively drooling about.

So we’ll see how long this cleanse-ish thing lasts! Everything is all chopped up and ready to go for the next couple of days, so hopefully I will start to feel more like myself again after my food-indulgent vacation.


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