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Restaurant Week Recap

My mom came into the city on Friday night, along with two aunts, my cousin, and my best friend from school. The mission? Dinner at Henrietta’s Table in Cambridge.

Above is a snapshot – the best I could do given that we ate outside on the back patio, which meant that all was dark after an hour.

Overall, the starter and dessert were better than the actual entree. I had a spinach salad with gorgonzola, pecans, and this absolutely incredible dressing. I could have eaten 10 plates. Entree was salmon – it was kind of cold, as were my sides – and dessert was a Taza chocolate s’mores skillet. Nom nom nom.

We finished off the night by bar hopping a bit, and ended at Russell House Tavern for cocktails. My new goal for the upcoming year: explore Cambridge more often! I always seem to forget about it.


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Crack Matzoh

Okay. I’ve been holding off posting this for who knows what reason, but it’s time I shared it. This will change. your. world.


I got the recipe from a coworker, who brought in this unbelievably addicting treat for someone’s birthday. After housing about a million pieces, I asked her for the recipe, which she was kind enough to provide me with – it’s from her boyfriend’s mother.

In any case, if you make this, you will be the hit of ANY party. Seriously. There’s a reason it’s named crack matzoh, because you won’t want to stop eating it. So unless you want the whole tray in one sitting (or you have superhuman willpower), I recommend sharing it. If you can bear to do such a thing.

Because this is the best.

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Guess Who’s Back. Back Again.

Yes, I did just make an Eminem reference there. So what.

I also did (again) what I SWORE I wouldn’t do – which was drop off the face of the planet. But life got in the way, and I wasn’t cooking. Really. Like at all. Bad news bears.

So before I rev this thing back up for real (because I’m obviously away this weekend) – a few snapshots of the delicious goodies I’ve been eating, but not cooking myself.

Macaroons from Flour

S’mores bar with the copy team

Margaritas from my FAVORITE place – Papagayo

Totally incredible breakfast/brunch when I was in Chicago

But don’t worry kids. I started running. So this is.. well.. almost balanced out.

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