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Couscous fried rice

Ok, I realize the title doesn’t quite make sense, but everyone knows that making fried rice is super easy, because you can essentially use whatever leftovers or ingredients you have on hand.

Since I haven’t cooked in a while, I had a bunch of random not-quite-entree-worthy ingredients and was feeling lazy (naturally). So I decided to make my own version of a fried rice – with whole wheat couscous instead.

I started with the couscous, then simultaneously cooked some frozen broccoli, corn, and bits of spiral ham (that were leftover and hanging out in my freezer). Of course, if you want to make this all vegetarian, you could simply skip the ham or add cooked tofu.

I added a teeny amount of soy sauce – because um, that’s all I had – and some garlic powder, then mixed everything together. I made a well in the middle of the couscous and veggie mix and then added two eggs to cook for another minute.

Once the egg was cooked and all mixed up, it was done! In approximately 10 minutes. Easy (tasty) dinner in a cinch. Definitely my kind of cooking.


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Sorry, I’ve been busy dining out

I’ve been on a cooking hiatus. My mom gave me enough leftovers to last me, oh, two weeks? So I haven’t cooked. And I’ve gone out to dinner instead.

Mexican at home

Sizzling garlic shrimp at Tasca – my favorite spot in Brighton!

So, so much sushi at Typhoon

Craft cocktails at The Squealing Pig. A-ma-zing.

But don’t worry folks – now I’m out of money so I will be returning to my normal eating/cooking habits this week.

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Confession: I have the freezer of a hoarder

Every time I go home to visit my parents, I end up bringing back more food than I really know what to do with.

And not that I’m complaining (obviously, I mean, who would turn down homemade soup and pizza?) – but it’s proving to be an embarrassing situation in my freezer.

As you can see in the photo, it looks like I’m saving up for the Apocalypse – and half of what’s in there isn’t even visible. The freezer situation is partly a result of my hoarding instincts (ie. the frozen veggies, halves of banana bread), but the rest of it is from my mom, aunt, nana, etc… basically, all my relatives who want to keep me happy and well-fed. And for that, I am a happy camper.

But for the sake of this blog (and because I find it amusing), a list of what’s currently hiding out in my freezer:

– Trader Joe’s Blarney Scone, because I can’t resist them around St. Patty’s day
– 1/3 loaf of homemade banana bread
– Block of fudge from Christmas
– Broccoli florets
– Peppers and onions
– Frozen cubes of chicken broth
– 1/2 quiche
– Chocolate chip peanut butter cookies
– Little Debbie snacks (yes – from Valentine’s Day AND Easter), brownies and cakes
– Chocolate chip coffee cake
– Corn
– Lentil soup
– Chicken soup
– Sticks of butter
– Homemade veggie pizza
– 1 loaf of wheat bread
– Cooked bacon
– 1/4 bottle of citrus vodka
– Shortbread butter cookies
– Two bananas

It’s some miracle I’m not 500 lbs. But then again, maybe that’s why everything’s been stuck in the freezer…

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